Test pits can be excavated using two different methods, Hand excavation and an excavator.

Test pits are excavated along exterior walls, neighboring properties and columns to determine the depth of footings.

Another general reason why test pits are excavated is to determine whether or not the footings are sitting on soil, piles or bedrock.

Test pits are generally excavated in areas such as cellars, basements, vacant land and sidewalks.

 Hand Excavation            

Machine Excavation

Sheeting Installation       

Archaeological Test Pit Investigation​​

Hand Excavation Percolation test holes

Generally test pits are excavated to examine an existing foundation, or to determine whether an area is suitable for building construction. Test pit investigation is also a method used to explore depth of rock and ground water. 

Why are test pits performed? ​​

How are Test Pits performed

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